Valentines Day…..

My Valentine’s Day consisted of a “Happy Valentine’s Day” text from my ex, shopping with my kids, and cooking for the freezer….I am a wild party.

I’m trying desperately to convince money to stay in my bank account….generally, I fail.  I spent most of my younger years ‘getting by’, so now that I earn more….I still am ‘getting by’.  I do have a brand new car, though – actually, Humphrey is now a year old, but I still refer to her as NEW.

I know that one day, in probably not the too distant future, at least one of my kids is going to move out.  It’s still kind of a random, far-off occurance, so I generally don’t freak out about it – sometimes I do, though.

It seems this is starting out to be disjointed and random – I think I’m okay with that.

So, this is it, my first post.  Happy day after Valentine’s.  🙂

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