My Dream of Beef & Broccoli

When I got up this morning, I decided I would make beef & broccoli in the crockpot for supper tonight.  If you’ve never made it, it’s so worth it!

I went to the store a while ago and picked up some stew beef, which I will split into two, one for tonight, one for another night.  I also picked up a package of frozen California mix vegetables, because Safeway didn’t have any packages of just broccoli on sale (hot commodity, I guess).  I did not, however, pick up a box of onion soup mix because I had a very vivid recollection of seeing a box in my cupboards somewhere.

I was WRONG!  I have a cupboard beside the plates – none there.  I have a free-standing two-door cupboard – none there.  I have no other stash spots.  My heart is broken, my dream of having broccoli and beef – dashed!  But wait!

In the free-standing cupboard, I have found poutine gravy mix.  Close enough!  I have someone coming to pick up a Kombucha SCOBY this afternoon, and I don’t have time to go to the store again.  So this will have to do.  Besides, what’s more Canadian than beef & poutine gravy?  It practically screams good food…..I hope!  🙂

Technically, I suppose dinner is now Beef & California Mixed Vegetables.  I will have to work on that title if this becomes a ‘thing’ – it’s a little wordy.IMAG0466

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