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Vegetable Fried Rice

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All afternoon, at work while watching a pretty intense rainstorm, the lyrics to “Manic Monday” became “Meatless Monday”.  I decided that this must mean I needed to use up some vegetables from the weekend before they became a lifeform in the bottom of the fridge.

I went through the contents of my fridge (in my head – clearly I was working sooooo hard today), and decided on fried rice.  A few weeks ago, I found a recipe online for fried rice and when I tried it, it was declared a winner.  Do I remember where I found it?  No.  Do I remember which blog I found it on?  Nope.  Do I remember any ingredients besides rice, vegetables, egg and soy sauce?  No, nope, nada!

Ohferfoxcreek!  I need to bookmark this stuff!

So, I decided to wing it.  I’m not even showing you a picture….it tasted okay, not great, but not poisonous, either.  I threw in some leftover rice, soy sauce, fish sauce, mushrooms, green onion, pea pods, radishes, and little bit of bok choy.  I scrambled up a couple of eggs in there and promptly smothered it in Yum Yum sauce (which I made a week ago).   The Mancub & Girlchild both said it was good, but I doubt their truthfulness – they humour me because I feed them.

On an aside -I if you make Yum Yum sauce and it says to let it sit overnight before using it – do so.  It is much, much better after it has blended.

Anyway, as I said – dinner was okay, but certainly not awesome.  The bread I made, though?!  ERMAGHERD!!!!!  That was phenomenal.


Try it, it is absolutely worth it.  I don’t have a baking stone, so I put the dough on wax paper, heat an upside down cookie sheet, slip the dough (and paper) on to the cookie sheet and cover it with the top of a really big oval roasting pan.  Works like a dream.

Here is the weather this evening!  Still better than my attempt at fried rice!  🙂


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