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The Bow Tie

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I am attempting to learn to sew – I know some pretty basic things.  After much swearing, I can get the thread where I need it to be and, with my new sewing machine, I can get the thread from the bobbin to pop up to the top.

I can sew a reasonably straight line, consistently, so that’s a win.

The other day, I spotted a bow tie pattern.  I’m a Doctor Who fan and I have a dachshund who happens to rock a bow tie pretty nicely.  Must be kismet.

Well, I have to say, after longer than it should have been, but not too much trauma, I FREAKING DID IT!  I made the little man a new bow tie.

Is it perfect?  Absolutely not.  Did I learn stuff?  Absolutely yes. Will I change anything next time?  Yes, I am going to cut down the middle fabric to just be enough to stiffen and bulk the front half of the bow tie, rather than including the pieces that get folded to the back.

I sincerely hope the lady whose tutorial I followed isn’t upset that I made her pattern…okay, attempted….for a dog rather than a child, but he looks so darn cute!

Bow Tie Tutorial

There is the link for the tutorial I followed….thank you!



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