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Brioche Stitch

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I have been knitting for many years.  My grandmother tried to teach me, way back when, but our relationship has never been particularly close and I truly believe that my brain absolutely refused to learn anything she had to teach….childish of me, I know, but I was a child, so na-na-na-na!

I discovered a little while ago that there is a Masters certification you can attain by demonstrating your knitting skills.  I want my Masters.  😀  In that vein, I have been knitting a lot and every time I start a new project, I try to incorporate a new skill…..this time, it is the Brioche Stitch.  Oh my goodness, it’s a bit of a nightmare to understand at first.

I watched a few videos (have you ever noticed how terribly pleased th

e knitters that make videos are about their hands and manicures?) and finally got the hang of single colour, flat pattern Brioche this morning.  Woot!

Now, I am not a fan of yanking out projects, even little practice ones, so I made my little tester into a teeny tiny little change holder for in my car.

I carry a loonie ($1.00 coin) and a quarter on my dash almost all the time, because a whole lot of the stores I shop at require one or the other for their shopping carts.  I used to try to keep the coins in my wallet, but invariably the one I wanted would have disappeared into a void that closely resembles an occasional Slurpee from 7-Eleven for my son.  I now just carry those two coins in the car…..simpler and everyone knows they are off limits.


Here is the story of why I need a little change holder thing for the shopping cart money:

In spring, summer and fall, I drive with my windows open.  I have air-conditioning, but there is nothing like the smells of the season; flowers, fresh mowed grass, tree sap.  Our seasons don’t feel very long, Calgary has some nasty winter weather so I enjoy while I can.  I drive a Mazda 3 hatchback that I bought brand new 2ish years ago – I love my car.  It is referred to as the Mazdarrari and it goes fast and it corners like a freak.  It’s got some sport tuning, it’s back end is a little wider than the front (I can relate) and it hugs the road like it’s glued down, so I drive it like I mean it.


A few weeks ago, on my way to work, I was feeling particularly invigorated (no, I was not speeding), and I  went zoom-zooming around a corner and I heard my shopping cart money slide across the little area I leave it on.  Nothing new there.  Then, at the apex of the turn, I heard a piece of money hit the passenger window frame with a ‘ting’ and then nothing else.  My Loonie has shot out the window!  Of course it wouldn’t be the quarter – I’m not that lucky!

I have since detailed the inside of my car and the Loonie is definitely not in there, so it absolutely did shoot out the passenger window – the only thing that would be cooler is if there had been a car next to me and it had shot into theirs (missing the driver).

So today, while I was working out the Brioche stitch, I half-formed a plan to use my tester as my little change holder…..and it is successful!


It’s only holding two coins, therefore I am fairly confident that it won’t compromise the vent it’s looped onto.  The handle is long enough the money pouch will sway around the corners and there will be no more lost money.

If I was truly clever, however, I would just use the multitude of places available in the car but I don’t.  The shopping cart money is special and cannot mix with the car wash money…..



or the change in the little blue pouch for the homeless guy at the Loonie store by Sunridge Mall….his sad face breaks my heart.


It’s dubious, my logic, but it works for me.



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