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It’s Finally Barbeque Season in Calgary….and The Propane Tank is Empty!

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Everyone says there is a certain season to barbeque….our family barbeques all year round. Admittedly, it’s less likely to happen at -40, but if there’s a Chinook, out the door we go!

Tonight, garlic lime marinated pork chops….but no go-juice for the ‘que. Out comes the cast iron grill pan thing. Weighs a gazillion pounds and is a true pain to clean, but it’s big enough to cook 6 chops at once.

I confess to being a terrible pork chop chef. I make sure they are done-done. Well done. Dry done, even. I think that’s the reason my daughter is such a fan of condiments. 🙁

But today, using the beast pan, they were pretty good….a little past perfect, but closer than usual!

Along with the chops, there was “crack corn”. (I did not name it) Added a little too much cayenne, if that’s even possible, but tasty. It is supposed to be made with corn on the cob, but it is not Taber corn season, so frozen corn it was.

So, on to the marinade…..

4 Tb lime juice

1/2 tsp cayenne

1 tsp paprika

2 Tb olive oil

1 tsp garlic (2-4 chopped garlic cloves)

6 pork loin chops

Mix spices & oil together, coat the chops and let marinate at least an hour. I coated a frozen pork loin roast and left it to thaw all day. I cut it into chops when I got home from work and made sure the cut sides got a little love for an hour or two before I cooked them. Barbeque, fry or bake (dealer’s choice).

“Crack Corn”

2 cups of frozen corn

1/4 tsp cayenne…or more if you like a little kick

1 Tb of lime juice…or more if you like a little pucker

2 Tb brown sugar….more or less, depending on your taste

1 pat of unsalted butter…because high blood pressure

Mix and heat.

More importantly, eat!!!



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