I Want Salad…For Every Meal!

This evening, I came home from work to the smell of turkey broth, cooking in the slow cooker.  Smelled wonderful & comforting, but is that anywhere near what I wanted for supper?  Not even close!

So, chicken on salad it is.  This is something I make frequently, particularly when I want fresh, crispy vegetables.

The salad is simple – a head of romaine lettuce, chopped up, a couple tomatoes, chopped up, some cucumber – half to a whole one – chopped up, a bell pepper or two, depending on the veggie supply in the fridge.


I poached some chicken breasts (because I didn’t take them out of the freezer until mere moments before I decided what I wanted and started cooking them).  Ever notice that frozen chicken cooking will get those oogy protein bubble things just like when you hard boil eggs and one breaks when it hits the water?


I made a quick little fruit salad because I want all the fresh stuff.  I chopped up an apple and an orange and tossed them in a bowl with some coconut Greek yogurt.  Sometimes the best flavour combinations happen by accident.


I might have, just maybe, been a little generous with the yogurt, but it was good and I have no regrets.


So dinner was 20 minutes and minimal effort – my kind of meal.  I put some Caesar dressing on my salad, the ranch was out for my son.  I’d love to say that I got inventive and made my own dressing and sometimes I do, but not tonight.

Note:  if you have the salad and the fruit salad together, try not to get them too close together….the garlic from the dressing made my apple taste funny.


Keek says that if the food isn’t for him, he would like to resume his nap, thankyouverymuch!


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