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Layered Mandala Monogram

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Dear Interwebs,

I have a confession to make….Cricut Design Space intimidates me so much. The actual machine gives me no issues, but their design software gives me the willies.

I’m not intimidated enough to have left the Cricut in the box for a year – yes, I have seen people admit to doing just this – but I definitely don’t use it as much as I could or should.

In my defense, the supplies in Canada are prohibitively expensive and the vendor options are limited. In the US, a roll of iron on vinyl can be as little as $2 or $3, whereas up here, minimum $15 and the single big box craft store chain up here doesn’t offer coupons for these products nor do they put them on sale often. The US/Canada exchange rate along with shipping & Customs fees also save us no money, so playing with projects is definitely a more tentative pursuit.

Still, I do play with it and have ideas, although nothing like some of the creators on the Cricut Facebook groups….OH MY GOODNESS! They are out of this world creative.

Anyway, in an effort to use the teal beast more often, I try to find projects that are basically ready to go. I’m not a designer & probably never will be other than in small ways.

This week, I found monograms that are cut out in layers & put together so they are 3-D….and just so pretty. So, I downloaded & did a “W” for my last name. So simple, so easy, so pretty!

I got the monogram set from http://www.specialheartstudio.com – go there, their designs are lovely. Basically, I downloaded the whole package to my laptop, unzipped the files, uploaded the “W” to design space and Whamalam!

I must say, the only thing I could not figure out is how to tell, onscreen, which piece was which….back, next up, next up, top, but that is my unfamiliarity rather than a design flaw.

I think next time I do one, I’m going to try adding a small tab on each layer so the layers will be perfectly aligned – doing it by eye is tough.

The thing that took the longest to do is putting the sticky tabs on each piece to put some space between each layer.

Screen shot of my import into Cricut Design Space
The top & bottom layers, weeded from the sticky mat before removing (much easier)
Weeding on the sticky mat
All done – six layers of a pretty cool design

If you look closely at the final picture, you can see the edges of the white sticky tabs – next time, I’ll just use the glue gun. All in all, I call this project a win and any failings are mine not the designer of the monogram.

In case anyone ever wonders, the paper is just a book of cardstock from the craft store in coordinating colours.

So, please – use your Cricut, people! There are loads of free or very inexpensive designs available online to practice on. Make it worth the crazy amount of money you spent on it and the supplies.

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