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Hand Painted Tree Ornament

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I went to the Dollar Tree a while back, and while perusing the Christmas selection, I found clear plastic ball ornaments in packs of two, so I bought 4 packs. One set for me! There they sat….for about a month (which tells you how far ahead Christmas stuff hits the stores).

Ornaments used

I belong to a few different craft groups on Facebook and when the members aren’t sniping at each other, there are some pretty good ideas, however, Canadian Dollar Tree stores don’t get even a fraction of the stuff the US stores do, so those groups don’t do the trick for me, but the rock painting group gave me a little inspiration for this craft.

Simple materials needed

I had intended to paint my ornaments with a Buffalo plaid pattern so I painted them white – two coats. Once they were dry, I started with the black….and found out quite quickly that I am in no way prepared to paint squares freehand on a round object. Suffice it to say, it went wrong and looked like I might have has a drink or three before trying it.

Painted white…just before I completely messed up the Buffalo plaid pattern

In the cold light of day, the black stripes were sad & crooked, so I painted them black (to cover my mistakes). This took 3 coats because of the white underneath….live and learn, it seems.

Painted black over the white

Once the black coats were dry, I dug out a nail dotting tool and did some poking at the ornaments. It’s simple, needs minimal tools to do and can be dramatic with very little materials. My only mistake was to, again, do this with no pattern. Apparently, Freehand is my middle name – or perhaps it’s Risk Taker! 🙂

Anyway, some black, white & red paint became black, gray, white, red & pink dots. I just did white on the first ornament (I actually bragged to everyone about my “balls”, but I admit to having the humour of a child) and it’s quite striking. I did the mixed colours on the other ornament, but don’t like it as much. Probably needs many, many, many more colours! Actually, I’m certain that’s what it needs. I’ll get some more next year and give it another shot. 🙂

Final versions of the ornaments
Final ornament on the tree

Yes, that is my ornament on my Christmas tree. Our tree went up in an effort to cheer us up as our bunny passed away two days ago.


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