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I finally bought a scoring tool for my Cricut the other day, they were quite scarce for a while. I had ordered one from Amazon and somewhere along the way, it got lost. Michael’s didn’t have any for the longest time and the only other one listed on Amazon was $40! $40? It’s a $13.99 pen type thing and even that is a crazy price but $40 is absolutely insane.

The reason I wanted the blessed thing is quite a while back I spotted a set of 3 luminaries that I wanted to do, but at the time, I had no scoring tool. Now I do (cue the Grinch eyebrows!) Woohoo!!!

The project in Cricut Design Space is “Diwali Candle Holders” (note – I have a Cricut membership and I believe this project is not free if you don’t). There is not a thing wrong with the project itself, but my Cricut….good grief!

I used 80lb foil cardstock which cut and weeded beautifully! So good.

Lovely cut & weed

I used 65lb cardstock for the bodies of the luminaries, which did not cut or weed so great the first time.

Not so much with the good cut & weed

I’ve had my Cricut for just over a year, so there were a couple things I could do to try to get this to cut & weed better. The mat I use is also about a year old and was washed a couple weeks ago so that might be it and the blade has never been changed so that may also be a factor.

I’m fairly methodical, so one thing at a time gets done. I put the cardstock on the mat, but I used a membership card (because what else would they be used for) and scraped over it to stick it down rather than just smoothing it with my hands. This helped a bit, however, the green luminary was still really chewed up and the red one was better but still not great.

This is actually a green paper, not whatever colour this looks like. Look at those chewed up cuts!

Replacing the blade is shockingly easy. Pop the tab on the blade holder, pull it out, push the little button on the top, grab the actual blade, carefully, from the bottom and pull it out, pop in the new one, carefully, and put the holder back in the housing and Bob’s your uncle, you’re good to go.

After the blade replacement I got a decent cut on the red luminary which is the second one but that green one was just not having it.

Red luminary cut number 3. Could probably use a little more pressure on the blade or a second cut.

I believe the tiny fine angle rounded cuts are just too much for my Cricut and I have no idea why. I actually ended up using the first green one I cut while muttering that “it doesn’t have to be perfect”. If I feel the sting of defeat too much, I may change the blade to another degree and see if that helps, but right now I’m good with how they turned out. As long as the inspection isn’t up close & personal, they look great!

I did find that I needed to hold the end of the mat while it was being cut so it sat more even while the blade was doing its thing. When I just let it sit on its own, I think it put too much weight on the end without the blade and skewed the cuts a bit.

So, these are the three, finished, in the cold light of day.

Finished and pretty, if a little less than perfect!

The project itself was easy if a little time consuming because of the cut intricacy. Putting them together was a little fiddly. The yellow one, I glued the base on before I glued the whole thing into shape, the red & green I did not and had a tough time getting things to line up. I used white glue rather than a glue gun and that was a good choice – no lumps. When I glued the base on, I put the glue bottle inside the luminary to hold it down til it dried and that was also a good choice.

All in all, I’d call this a good project result and a bit of a learning experience.


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