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Buffalo Plaid Frames

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Let me preface this whole thing with the caveat that I have nothing Buffalo plaid in my house – not for lack of wanting, just don’t have any. I did want to make a Buffalo plaid Christmas tree ornament but had too much trouble painting blocks on a round object so still nothing.

My son & his girlfriend live with me, so recently we switched rooms and I took a smaller room so they could have the “master” (it’s not a whole lot bigger, in reality, it just doesn’t have a weird corner in it and it has two closets). In the process of moving, I found a set of 4 deep picture frames my daughter gave me for Christmas a few years ago and Buffalo plaid popped into my head again. They are square! They are already painted white! Most importantly, they are square! Square!

I knew I had masking tape (evil stuff) so I could mark the strips I wanted, so that was step one according to a video I saw. Did I measure them, though? Not so much. Eyeballing measurements for the sort of win!

So step one was to masking tape strips in one direction and paint grey.

Done deal.

Step two, strip off that masking tape, turn the frames one turn and mask strips in the next direction and paint black.

Also done. Now remember, I have no Buffalo plaid to compare to but even I realized there was something wrong with this picture. Not just the paint that bled under the tape (which is old and fought me every step of the way). What is wrong with it, though?

Ohhhhh, there should be a second painting of grey. Problem one – I mixed the grey myself with white and black and have already discarded the excess. Problem two – I am not going to retape so I only have the squares I need showing, so freehand it is!

I mixed the grey again and got it close enough my eyes can’t tell the difference….sweet! Then the painting begins. Good grief, I need to go back to kindergarten and learn to colour in the lines!

I got it done, and it doesn’t look absolutely horrible – also, they are going in my bedroom so they do not need to be perfect.

I’m certain I’ll paint something else Buffalo plaid, but next time, blue painters’ tape and a ruler! Masking tape is for the birds, and I have it on good authority that the green painters tape is horrible stuff and should be stricken from the earth.

Now, to fill the frames with pretty things….I’m thinking paper flowers and one shall be a picture of a dog we used to have and that I still miss terribly (he was a badbadboy, but he loved me and I loved him – typical Dachshund).

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