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I am trying to finish my Buffalo plaid frames so I can actually hang them up, and I have been playing with different paper flowers and vines/leaves with varying degrees of success.

I have discovered that as easy as Jennifermaker.com makes rolling flowers look – it isn’t. They get too tight, then too loose, then the centre pops out the top – I am convinced this is because my hands are getting arthritis rather than just an innate clumsiness – either way, it was not the fault of the cut file, it was absolutely operator error. 🙂

I did manage to roll up a gerbera daisy and it looks pretty all right, and I did some mini roses which ultimately look all right, but were difficult. I don’t have a quilling tool, so Jennifermaker.com has an article on how to make your own, and this worked beautifully. I bought some 6 inch long dowels a while ago at the dollar store and one of those was sacrificed to become a quilling tool. Basically, you just use a craft knife, carefully, to cut a notch in one end of the dowel, wrap just below the notch with electrical tape, or in my case, masking tape, and voila! Bob’s your sisters brother – homemade quilling tool.

The quilling tool works well with bigger flowers, but I found just using my hands is better for the mini flowers – the notch holds onto the end of the flower firmly and when I tried to take the mini flowers off the quill, it just held it until the flower was half stretched out again. Not the ideal result.

I could definitely use more practice – I believe I’ve established that I feel the need to be an expert at something immediately – I hate to admit this, but it is true and appears to be a lifelong, unbreakable habit.

I did discover some paper lilies that I quite liked the look of on DomesticHeights.com. These are what she calls “semi rolled”, which, given the issues I was having with rolled flowers, sounded like a winner to me.

When the cut file comes into Cricut Design Space, the stamens (yellow) are set to cut with the flowers, which, unless you are making yellow lilies, won’t look right, so I changed the colour of that so it will cut on a separate mat.

Also, when the cut file comes in, it is for one flower and I’m an all-in type of girl, so I changed it to cut 3 flowers,(6 pieces), 3 stamens, and 3 bases – much more efficient!

The only problem I didn’t fix, and I’m not sure if this was something I messed up while moving things around, but there were little tabs on the flower cuts and the tabs on the first flower piece did not cut as part of the flower. I will fix that on the next go round.

Anyway, these were fairly straightforward. Just glue the two flower pieces together after giving the petals some curl. The two pieces of each flower are a different size around, so tuck the smaller one into the larger one. Curl the stamen into a circle and glue it into the centre of the petal set and the glue the base onto each flower set, adding a stem if required.

It was little fiddly getting the petal bases to get round instead of triangular, but pretty simple, all things considered, and far, FAR easier than rolling flowers and gluing that teeny, tiny circle onto the bottom of all those layers! The only thing I could not get quite right was that the inner & outer petals shouldn’t line up, they should be offset, and they would stubbornly slide together, like twins that just want to be together. I would get them all lined up perfectly, sling in some glue and pfffft, lined up again and glue is dry!

All in all, paper flowers cut by the Cricut are a winner. Nothing I did was wrong by either the designer of the flowers nor the Cricut – any errors were strictly on my end. I did learn some Design Space tweaks so that was an excellent result for me.

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