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Chicken Cordon Bleu – with Goat Cheese

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My dad would be offended – I never buy Swiss cheese. Truth be told, I’m not a big fan of Swiss cheese – it’s okay, I mean, it’s cheese, so it’s good, but there are other cheeses I’d rather have. My dad is Swiss, though, hence why he’d be offended. He’s convinced Swiss cheese is all that, however, he would not eat chili for years and years because he didn’t like it – too hot – clearly his tastebuds are faulty.

I wanted to make chicken cordon bleu, but of course I kept not buying Swiss cheese, because it never occurs to me to bother. You know the deal – go to the grocery store, buy what you need, and an extra $200 worth of stuff, leave, get home, unpack it, and then remember the one thing you needed you definitely did not buy, but now you’re broke. No? Just me? Well, whoops.

This grocery haul, which was ridiculously spendy, I got goat cheese. Not Swiss cheese, but goat cheese. So I decided to make the cordon bleu with goat cheese, because cheese is cheese!

The recipe, as I did it, is not keto, but if you swapped the bread crumbs for crushed pork rinds, it could be no problem.


  • Chicken breasts – I used 3
  • Deli sliced ham – I used only 3 slices because they were the long, rectangular thick pieces from Costco, rather than the thin, round-ish deli slices
  • Goat cheese – I used a really rounded tablespoon worth on each piece of ham
  • Bread crumbs – I used about a cup of Panko crumbs

Slice the chicken lengthwise down the middle, carefully, to open the breast up (butterfly it).

Spread the cheese on the ham slices. Roll up the ham slices and put into the middle of the chicken (got this tip from Recipe Tin Eats).

Close the chicken over the ham and toothpick it closed.

Dip your chicken into a bowl of crumbs and press the crumbs onto the chicken to really get it covered. You could dip your chicken in a beaten egg then put into the crumbs, but I just didn’t bother drying the chicken and it had plenty of moisture to hold the crumbs on.

Put into a lined or sprayed baking pan, spray the tops with a bit of oil (this will help the crumb coating brown but is totally optional), and bake at 375F until the chicken is done – 30-45 minutes (depending on the thickness of the chicken).

Serve with sides of your choice.

There are recipes out there for a mustard sauce to put over top, methods of beating the chicken to an even thickness, different ways of stuffing the chicken. If you want to do it, it’s been done, but I did this because it was simple and quick. It has great amounts of cheese inside – sauce is really not necessary – indulge if you like, but I don’t need the calories. 🙂

I love foods like this – it seems like it should be much more labour intensive than it actually turns out to be. Just because the name is fancy doesn’t mean the effort involved in making it has to be fancy, too.

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