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Avocado Toast

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It’s been done by everyone, I’m sure, but avocado toast is amazing (unless you don’t like avocado). I’m not obsessed with avocado, but I do like it. Up here, though, they are not inexpensive, so I don’t get them all the time and I don’t make puddings or mousse or anything with them.

I keep trying to remember to grab a bag of frozen avocado chunks from Costco but I forget until I’m unpacking the groceries at home. Every time. The real kicker? I make and take a list! And still I forget!


  • 2 pieces of your favourite bread (I used Sourdough)
  • ½ an avocado (I actually used guacamole – about 2 TB worth)
  • goat cheese – crumbled – about 2 TB (feta works, as well, but the stuff I get doesn’t get melty like the goat cheese does)
  • 2 eggs, done whichever way you like
  • red pepper flakes (if you like a little kick for breakfast)

Toast your bread.

Spread or slice your avocado over the toast pieces.

Ahhh, guacamole. Those are little pieces of onion in there – pretty good addition.

Crumble and spread the goat cheese over the surface – you could smash it down, but I’m a big fan of pockets of cheese rather than full coverage.

My goat cheese got excited when it came out of the goat cheese package – I’m not at all mad about it, though.

Spread your eggs over the top of everything. I like to use fried eggs because they’re still hot and they melt that goat cheese a little. I just had breakfast and now I want this for lunch, also.

Yes, I lined the curve of the eggs to match the curve of the bread – this is not unusual.

Weirdly enough, my daughter & I are the only ones in the family who go crazy for this. My son could care less, but he’d have to really try hard – he’s not a massive fan of avocado. If I wasn’t there for his birth, I’d swear he isn’t mine! The only thing that saves him is that his musical taste is starting to resemble mine and his sisters’. We will listen to absolutely anything and he’s starting to – I’m so grateful he grew out of his love for Crazy Frog!

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