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Air Fryer Pickles

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I am pretty sure my daughter introduced me to fried dill pickles – it definitely was not my son. He doesn’t particularly like them. He doesn’t particularly like dill pickles to begin with – he likes homemade ones but not bought ones – they’re too pickle-y. I think the vinegar is too sharp and prominent in store bought pickles. Homemade tend to be more dill flavour than vinegar, I find.

I think my son’s tastebuds are broken, though, because fried pickles are the bomb! Crunchy, pickle-y, dippable. Yummm! I do not, however, even though I have a deep fryer, like to deep fry anything other than onion rings and french fries and I really, really do not like using the deep fryer when it’s hot. It’s been real warm since Friday – I’m a fan of autumn rather than summer, so the excessively hot weather we seem to be having this summer doesn’t make me happy. I really need to live somewhere more middle of the road. Skip plus 30 and skip -30 and I’m a happy camper. I like snow, if only to make Christmas seem like Christmas and I like sunny summer days, I just don’t like feeling like an egg on a sidewalk. Give me the middle temps and I’m thrilled. I live in the wrong place and if the mountains weren’t so close, I would be elsewhere – but I do love me some mountains!

Whoops, I wandered off on a tangent right there, didn’t I? Back to fried pickles. Want them, don’t want to deep fry them. My other deep fryer issue is that when I try to empty the oil back into the bottle when I’m done, I’m so short I get a shoulder cramp trying to hold the basket thing up high enough for long enough. My kitchen is too small to have excess appliances sitting around and the only place I can use the deep fryer (or the air fryer) is plugged into my stove – the sockets in this house are prone to blowing the breaker if they are feeling too taxed and overworked. I am also too short to flip the breaker back unless there is a chair downstairs in the laundry room.

Seriously, I wandered off again! I decided I wanted fried pickles and I decided I wanted them done in the air fryer – I can clean it up, I can put it away and I can cook a whole lot of pickle spears at one time.


  • ½ cup flour (may need more if you’re doing a lot of pickles) Skip this or use almond flour if keto
  • 1 egg
  • 1 TB hot sauce
  • 1 TB water
  • 1-1/2 cups Panko crumbs (now that I have these, I love them. Crunchy rascals!) Use pork rinds if keto
  • Dill pickles (I used 10 – they were not big pickles, though)

Cut your pickles up however you want them. I cut each pickle into 4 spears. Cut in half lengthwise, then cut each half in half lengthwise again. If you want pickle chips, cut your pickles into round coins about ¼ to ½ inch thick.

First the flour.

Put the flour in a shallow dish. Put the egg, hot sauce & water into a different shallow dish and mix very well with a whisk or a fork. Put the Panko crumbs into a 3rd dish (or a baggie).

Then the egg.

Dry off your pickles. Use paper towel or a dish towel or a dish cloth (all clean, of course). Don’t wipe them, but pat them.

Then the crunch – Panko.

Dip each piece in the flour, all sides, then the egg mixture, all sides, and finally the panko crumbs, all sides.

My air fryer is pretty nifty, it’s quite tall and has room for racks rather than having a basket. It’s sort of a mini oven. So I filled 3 racks with the pickle spears, spaced apart and in a single layer on each tray, and put them all in at the same time.

Leave some space between them.

If yours has a basket, you may have to do your pickles in batches.

Set your air fryer to 400 F and cook your pickles for about 15 minutes. I have seen other people spray their pickles on top with oil or cooking spray to get them brown, but I didn’t bother. They got brown but not deep fried brown – because they weren’t deep fried. They were crunchy and hot so I didn’t much care what colour they were.

Toasty enough!

Mix up a dip for them of cayenne or hot sauce and mayonnaise or Greek yogurt and eat ’em while they’re hot and crunchy. They are pretty good the next day, obviously not quite the same, but definitely edible for whichever meal you want them for.

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