Homedessert Lemon Curd Parfait

Lemon Curd Parfait

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Every single time I see or hear the word “Parfait”, Donkey from Shrek says it in my head. The word “waffles” is also like that. Both my kids can quote that movie, from start to finish, usually during the movie, which gives the strangest stereo effect…because they are quoting ahead of the movie. And as they do it, they laugh – because they think they are hilarious. To be fair, they really are, but they don’t need to know….they’re already pretty cheeky.

Yesterday, it got to 32 degrees here (Celsius), and that meant there was minimal cooking and absolutely no baking going happen. I made the lemon curd yesterday afternoon with the vague idea of making blueberry scones or something like that, but with me rescinding any oven rights, that was out. Then I remembered the strawberry parfait thing I made a while back and thought, why not try it with lemon curd – use those wine glasses!

So this was born – so simple, and no heat involved.


  • 1 batch of lemon curd (about 2 cups)
  • 1 cup of heavy whipping cream
  • ¼ cup of sugar
  • Wine glasses, because why not? Or bowls, but try for something clear so you can see the pretty layers
  • (ogres have layers)

Whip the whipped cream with the sugar. I used a stick blender with a whisk attachment in a tall cup. A stick blender as is will also work. You can use a whisk and whip it by hand or you can use a stand or hand mixer. You could even put it into a jar with a lid and shake it – don’t make butter, though.

The lemon curd

Scoop a couple heaping tablespoons of the whipped cream out and put into a small bowl to wait its turn.

Into what’s left of the whipped cream, add ¾ of the lemon curd. I didn’t measure this, I just put them together. Fold/stir together. Lovely pale yellow.

Now, line up your wine glasses or bowls, and get an assembly line happening.

Into the bottom of each, place a rounded teaspoon of lemon curd. Push it to the edges, so you can see it’s there from the outside.

Then add a heaping tablespoon or two of the whipped cream/curd mixture. Try not to overwhelm the curd layer.

I then added another teaspoon of the curd but I put it around the edge of the glass and didn’t put any in the middle – like a ring.

Add the rest of the whipped cream/curd mixture and smooth it out.

Top with a blob of your plain whipped cream and then top with whatever lemon curd you have left.

Pop into the fridge to stay cold until serving time.

The curd is tart, the whipped cream tames it a little. You could add a little more sugar to the whipped cream if you find the curd is too tart, or you could skip the sugar altogether if you like it puckery.

Your kitchen, your rules. 🙂

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