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Omelette Grilled Cheese

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I saw this this morning on Pinterest. I was hungry at the time. I had to have it.

It’s one of those ideas that is so obvious, once you see it. Where people come up with these things, I do not know, but I appreciate them for doing so.

It’s sort of egg in a basket or toad in a hole or whatever cute name your family assigned to putting an egg inside a piece of bread with a hole torn out of the middle.


  • 2 pieces of bread – I used rye, but wish I had some Texas toast or thick cut homemade crusty bread
  • 2 eggs (the thicker the bread, the more eggs you can add 🙂
  • omelette fillings:
  • couple pieces of green onion
  • chopped up deli ham slices
  • bell pepper pieces
  • ground turkey
  • sausage crumbles
  • banana peppers, jalapenos
  • whatever combinations and flavours you like
  • Cheese-cheddar, colby, mozzarella – whichever cheese you make grilled cheese with
  • A frying pan large enough for BOTH pieces of bread (I had to do mine one piece at a time) and a lid that fits over your pan.

Cut out the middle of your bread, leaving a border around the edge.

Heat up your frying pan and add some butter, non stick spray or coconut oil to it.

Put your bread into the pan.

Beat up your eggs in a small bowl and pour half of the eggs into the middle of one piece of bread and the rest into the middle of the other piece of bread.

Add your toppings and pop the lid on the frying pan. Keep an eye on things, burnt eggs are nasty.

Once the bottom is done and your eggs are getting set, flip the bread, pop the lid back on for just a minute.

Then open up, layer your cheese on one slice of bread, top with the other, and put the lid back on the pan again. Peek in every 15-30 seconds and when that cheese is starting to ooze, it’s done.

Put the sandwich on a plate and go have your nosh. Mine was pretty messy/cheesy, so I wussed out and used a fork to eat it.

This is pretty low carb, given that most of the bread is cut away, and using keto bread would make it keto.

So good!

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