Cheesy Pierogi Bake

Friday I went for a car wash and while I was waiting for the soap and rinse and wax and such to finish, I had thoughts about supper.

After the wash, I popped into Co-Op and picked up some naan bread and a rotisserie chicken, figuring we could have flatbread chicken pizzas.

When the mancub and his girlfriend got home, they were carrying the remnants of four massive pizzas that had been ordered at work and weren’t going to be finished. No flatbread pizzas Friday and I couldn’t imagine pizza for supper Saturday, so something else had to be made.

Of course, I didn’t plan ahead, and I spent the better part of the afternoon on a walk and catch up with my daughter, then I was tired, so something hands off.

We bought a box of pierogi’s at Costco a week or so ago….so good. But I have kind of promised myself to not just boil and eat. They deserve better. They deserve more cheese.

I saw a recipe a while ago that made a sort of cheese sauce type thing to pour over them then bake and that seemed like a great idea. Mix, bake – no work from me.


  • At least one of those packages of pierogi’s you get at a regular store. I probably used about 1-1/2 of those.
  • ½ block of cream cheese
  • ½ cup of sour cream
  • 1/3 cup of chicken/beef broth or bouillon
  • 1 cup of shredded cheese – grate your own, it melts better. I used colby.

Pour the pierogi’s into a baking dish.

Mix the cream cheese, sour cream and broth together until smooth. Pour over the pierogi’s.

Bake at 375F for about half an hour.

Take it out and sprinkle the shredded cheese over the top. Put in to bake another 10-15 minutes.

Take out and serve. If you’re feeling it, have a salad or some vegetables on the side. I was not feeling it, but I feel no guilt, my kid is grown! 🙂

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