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The other night, I cast around for something for supper for probably half an hour.

My birthday is the 29th of August, every year, in case you’re wondering, and the mancub bought me an electric griddle because he had to work on my day and he couldn’t hang out with me. When I got home Friday after work, he had it unwrapped and on the stove, while he held a towel in front of it to hide it. Because he had bought it, I absolutely had to try it out (new toy), but was completely at a loss as to what I could cook on it with nothing planned, or thawed, other than pancakes. I hate that feeling. Knowing you have to make something but just having no idea what.

I must have opened the fridge 20 times (nothing changed, which I find completely unhelpful). I tried doing inventory in my head – what’s in the freezer, what’s in the fridge, what’s in the cupboards? Nothing was coming to me and then I saw wraps on the counter and I thought something like “I should use those” and then I remembered pizza pepperoni slices in the freezer from when I bought the pizza ingredients and the mancub brought home pizza. Hmmm

I always have cheese of some form in the house – like the commercials – they’ll never leave home if you don’t stop cooking with cheese. I checked the fridge and I had a bottle of pizza sauce in there. Hot diggity!


  • flour tortillas
  • pizza toppings
  • shredded cheese
  • pizza sauce

A very simplistic list, however, it really depends on what you like on your pizza. My daughter doesn’t like pizza sauce, so she uses ranch dressing or pesto. I like spinach on my pizza, so I add it. My son likes his pizzas meat with cheese, so he will put some of every kind of deli meat we have in the house on his pizza. I have made pizza with cheddar cheese because I refused to go buy mozzarella that day.

How many tortillas you need will depend on appetites, how many you are feeding and how full you make them. I think we used 12 and ended up with 4 or 5 leftover. They aren’t crispy the next day, but they still taste good.

I basically just popped two of the tortillas onto the griddle, flat, loaded half with the sauce, toppings and cheese and then flipped the empty half down to cover the full half. Moved them to the top of the griddle and made two more. When numbers three & four were loaded and folded, I flipped numbers one and two. When numbers three and four were flipped, I took numbers one and two off the griddle, moved three and four up and started five & six.

I do say, make sure you’ve got everything ready before you start or you’ll end up losing the rhythm.

You can do this in a frying pan, you could lay out and load an entire tortilla and then top with a second one and flip, but, having tried this, I find you lose all your toppings. Half is much easier to contain!

I did not try ham & pineapple because I didn’t want to open a whole jar of pineapple for one quesadilla, but I should have. Salty ham, sweet pineapple – I do not understand the debate – of course pineapple belongs on a pizza! 🙂

If you used low carb wraps and a sugar free pizza sauce, this could absolutely be keto or low carb.

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