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Salad with Beans – Meal Prep

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I have discovered that lemon and olive oil are actually a pretty tasty salad dressing. I resisted this my entire life until now. I could not see how this could be in any way anything other than an oily mess.

Don’t make it with vegetable oil for a start! I didn’t realize what a difference one type of oil compared to another would make. Olive oil lovers out there are nodding their heads – knew it the whole time. 🙂

I have also discovered, thanks to The Mediterranean Dish, that Za’atar and Sumac are phenomenal on salad. They add such flavour and sumac adds a smoky flavour that’s surprising and delicious. On meat, you don’t notice it as much, but with the milder flavours of a salad, it sneaks up on you and blam! you’re wondering when the smoke flavouring showed up.

This salad is from the Mediterranean Dish, but I would say use whatever beans you like, not just white beans. Black beans would work very well, as would kidney beans or chick peas.


  • 2 small cans of beans, or cook 1 cup of dried beans ahead of time – or use a pressure cooker
  • 1 English cucumber, sliced (leave that peel on there, good fibre)
  • a couple handfuls of cherry or grape tomatoes, sliced in half, or not
  • 4 green onions, chopped – I just used the greens off a couple green onions and stuck the roots in a cup of water to carry on growing
  • 1 cup of chopped parsley – anything that has parsley in it has my vote
  • 2-3 TB of lemon juice – either freshly squeezed or out of the bottle
  • 1-2 TB of olive oil – extra virgin if you have it or whatever you have if you don’t
  • 1 tsp Za’atar and ½ tsp sumac
  • Feta cheese
  • 2 heads of romaine lettuce (or one if it’s big) – the original recipe did not call for lettuce, but it’s good so I thought “why not”

Drain and rinse those beans. Cut or tear the lettuce into bite sized pieces. Cut up the cucumber, tomatoes, onions and parsley.

Put into a big bowl (or do like I did and dump it all in a really big freezer bag….space in my fridge is at a premium and there is no room for a big bowl in there.

Add in the lemon juice, olive oil, spices and feta. Give it a mix, or zip the bag up and toss the contents around inside it.

Look at those spices!

You could add a protein to this, but it really doesn’t need it.

This is good for at least 4 days and for 4 very generous servings. You will not be hungry….at all.

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