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Sriracha Tuna Wraps

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Friday and Saturday I absolutely could not be bothered to cook anything for supper. I had no ideas, had no motivation, no interest in making anything. So we had McDonald’s on Friday and Chinese food on Saturday. I feel no shame. I consider it a bit of a reset.

Tonight, however, there was no way I was having take out again. I fear my arteries will explode! 🙂

I still didn’t want to cook,though. Autumn is settling in on us faster than I can wrap my head around it and I want to have the fresh things, the crisp things, the vegetable things….I am so not ready to give up crisp, fresh salads and ripe fruit….although it is Calgary so most of that stuff is from at least out of town if not further, but I hold on to the fantasy with both hands.

I didn’t take any meat out of the freezer – definitely did not plan ahead so I pondered having a rice bowl but we had fried rice last night. I really wasn’t feeling pasta. I have ground beef but had no amazing ideas pop into my head when I thought about it. I have chicken drumsticks but I’m still a bit iffy about eating them – I really don’t want to monkey around with them, trying to get them thawed then cooking them. I have no shrimp. I have meatballs but we just had meatballs a couple days ago. And then I realized I had tuna in the cupboard.

I briefly thought of having tuna cakes, but again, not feeling the ‘cooking’ thing. Tuna bowl? Only if I skip rice. I contemplated mixing guacamole with tuna, but that just didn’t thrill me.

So I ended up making wraps with a little bit of an Asian kick to them. I added lemon juice to them rather than sesame oil but next time I may try the sesame oil, just for fun. I also thought about adding a bit of dill to them, just to see, but will save that for another time.


  • 2 cans of tuna (the regular sized cans, not the tiny lunch sized ones or the massive big family, one can ones)
  • 1/3 to ½ of a cup of mayonnaise (basically, I used 3 really heaped tablespoons worth)
  • 2 generous TB of sriracha – it gave a bit of a tingle on the tongue but no real heat – try adding 1 TB and tasting if you’re sensitive to spice
  • 3 TB of lemon juice
  • 5 10” tortillas (you can make more or less, depends how generous you are with the tuna on each one)
  • 1 red pepper, cut into matchsticks
  • 5 red radishes, cut into matchsticks
  • 1/3 of an English cucumber, cut into matchsticks
  • the better part of a head of romaine lettuce

I used skipjack tuna packed in water – opened the cans and drained them.

This is where the tuna juice goes….not very often but they thoroughly enjoy it when they get it.

Add the mayonnaise, sriracha and lemon juice and mix very well – the mayonnaise and lemon juice both temper the heat of the sriracha, so taste before you commit. For me, this was enough heat, for my daughter – she’d probably at least double it and I have friends who would probably half it.

Lay out a tortilla and put a leaf of romaine on it – on the lower third of the wrap.

Top the lettuce leaf with about a fifth of the tuna, spread out.

Add cut up vegetables – be generous, they’re good for you!

Top with another leaf of romaine (I switched the way the leaf laid for the topper) and roll your wrap.

Cut in half if you wish or cut into smaller pieces a couple inches wide each and serve with cherry tomatoes like I did, or with some fresh fruit or, if you haven’t indulged all weekend, some fries or potato salad.

This could be done as a meal prep, but don’t wrap until just before eating. Even with the lettuce around the tuna and vegetables, the wrap would get soggy pretty quickly. The fillings, though, kept in separate containers in the fridge until serving time, would keep easily for 4 days.

This is fairly low carb and if you used keto friendly wraps, it’s keto no problem.

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