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Baked Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

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I have to admit it – I make my own sun-dried tomatoes. Whenever I can’t get through the tomatoes I buy before they start going soft, I either toss them in the freezer (whole) or I slice them up and put them on the dehydrator for a few hours. When they’re done, I put them into a mason jar of olive oil and there they languish until I use them for something.

Admission number two – this recipe is just about the only one I use sun-dried tomatoes in. I have occasionally chopped them up and thrown them into pasta, but honestly, I mostly forget I have them – which makes for beautifully infused olive oil at some point down the road.

Do I keep them in the fridge? Nope. As long as they are crispy dry and submerged, I don’t worry about it. If they were commercial, I would absolutely put them in the fridge – the tomatoes aren’t as dried as I make them. Mine are a little….sturdier than the ones you buy in the jar, but I’ll trade that and a little extra cooking time for the price! Those rascals are $6 a jar up here. That is pretty pricey considering the ingredients and how big the jar is. When I make my own, I know that all that’s in the jar is tomatoes and olive oil – there’s no extra salt, no preservatives, nothing extraneous.

Normally, this recipe is fancied up – people cut the chicken breasts open and stuff them with the cheese and tomatoes, but, given my incessant lack of planning, I just dump ingredients on top of the chicken. It isn’t quite as pretty, but for me, it’s a whole lot less finicky and aggravating.


  • 3 chicken breasts, or however many you normally make
  • ½ of a package of goat cheese – I literally just cut the tube in half and squeezed it all over the chicken
  • ¼ – 1/3 of a cup of sun-dried tomatoes and some of the oil
  • 4 big handfuls of baby spinach

Preheat your oven to 375F.

Place the chicken into a baking dish. Add in the spinach and drop on the goat cheese then add in the sun-dried tomatoes and a bit of the oil for flavouring.

I checked my chicken at the halfway point, and gave everything a stir, completely messing up how pretty it was in the pan. It still tasted great, so I wasn’t too concerned.

Bake until done – this will vary a bit, depending how big the breasts are. At least half an hour, probably 45 minutes. I know everyone knows better, but don’t be serving these rare – salmonella isn’t about salmon.

When done, take it out and serve with some more vegetables or a salad. I also made mashed potatoes because something needs to soak up the olive oil. This would also be amazing served with some garlic bread.

If you skip the bread and potatoes, this is a keto recipe. If you allowed for it, it would be okay on a low carb diet with the bread or potatoes.

It’s only one baking dish, which is always a plus in my books and it tastes amazing. I have also done this with mozzarella, although I tend to be more careful about placement when I use it, and I have used feta, which is amazing also.

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