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Brie & Bacon Stuffed Burgers

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Let me preface this with get the cheese cold, or just mix the cheese and bacon into the meat, unless someone has a suggestion as to how to keep the cheese in the burger.

I made a cranberry habanero topped brie around Canadian Thanksgiving and still had about half of a brie round left. Couldn’t waste it, so I wracked my brain trying to figure out how to use it….and then the burger urge hit.

My daughter and her brother-in-law can sit down and nosh a round of brie before supper, but after the initial snack supper, I was the only one who was eating the stuff, and a girl can only eat so much before the cheese will go bad….I know, I need to commit myself to cheese consumption instead of being an amateur.


  • 2 lbs of ground beef
  • Brie (I cut the rind off, which brought it from just under half a round down to a little more than a third of the round left)
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • about 1/3 of a cup of bacon pieces
  • pepper
  • steak spice if you have it (it’s really goooooood)
  • burger buns (I used brioche buns)

Do better than I did – although I did plan this meal ahead, the fates (and my fridge) conspired against me. I took the burger out of the freezer to thaw but, since I was going to work and and I have two felines who are certain they are hunters, I put the ground beef in the fridge to thaw. My fridge was feeling particularly cold and when I got home, the beef was still absolutely solid. I just LOVE that!

So, I thawed the beef in a bowl of cool water, changing it whenever it got icy. By the time it was thawed enough to be able to mix in the spice, it was getting late and my patience was at an end.

I plopped the finally thawed beef into a bowl, added about 2-3 tablespoons (some good shakes) of Worcestershire sauce, a fairly substantial grind of black pepper and about 2 teaspoons of steak spice to it. Then I mixed the bejeebus out of it….don’t get too crazy because over mixing will make the burgers tough, but you also don’t want to bite into a pocket of pepper….or maybe you do, your kitchen, your rules!

I then used a pastry cutter to mix the cheese and bacon together….while it did amuse me, it probably wasn’t the most efficient use of my time or resources. Just mix the cheese and bacon until they are fairly evenly distributed with each other. No big lumps of cheese with no bacon. You know what I mean?!

I have (and I can’t be the only one) Tupperware patty makers and I used them for this. I didn’t measure, but I ended up with six burgers, so if you cut your beef mixture into 12 fairly even portions, you’d have about what I ended up with.

I plopped one portion of ground beef into the patty maker and squished it with a great deal of enthusiasm. Added some cheese/bacon mixture, sort of keeping it centred but moving it out the edge without touching…left a little bit of a border.

Plop another portion of beef on the top and squish it. This may have been where my cheese escape alleys happened. I probably should have pushed the beef to make sure it covered all around the edges, THEN squished, but I did not. Live and learn…again.

In the end, I ended up with 6 pretty hefty burgers. We had to cut them in half and eat from the centre to the edges.

My son bought me an electric griddle for my birthday and we are out of propane for the barbeque, so I used the griddle. This was fortuitous, because the cheese made a run for it. Brie melts very, very well.

I cooked the first side until I could see colour up the side of the burger, flipped them, turned down the heat and covered them with lids.

When all was said and done, the cheese had pretty much completely escaped, however, all was not lost. There was quite a bit on the griddle plate, so I heated the buns on the griddle, in the cheese….on both sides of each bun. Inside and out. So the buns ended up cheesy and the burgers retained the flavour along with the bacon. All in all, I was not disappointed….not even a little bit. The next day, I had a leftover burger in a lettuce wrap and it was also amazing.

Minus the brioche buns, these are keto and low carb, with the buns, they’re not diet friendly, but they are damn good!

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    Yummmmm! These were delicious!

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