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Baked Perogies

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I like perogies. I don’t like making them from scratch, though. I have done, and I will do it again, but I don’t enjoy it. I really, really like the brand Costco carries. They are white cheddar and potato and they are amazing. If I had that recipe, I would make them from scratch always.

I have tried a posted a couple of perogie casseroles, but they make for some soft perogies, which is nice sometimes, but not always. Once upon a time, we tried deep fried perogies and I really enjoyed them, once I got past the burnt tongue…must learn to wait before biting things from the deep fryer. They were lovely and crispy, golden brown – so good

Sometimes, though, you want something in between. Not soft but not crispy. And that’s what this is.

I saw this on a website a while ago and the first time I tried it, I gotta say, I was not happy. I used a non-stick baking tray (they lie) and tossed the perogies in oil and spices.

They stuck. They stuck real seriously to the pan. The bottom of pretty much every single perogie had to be chiseled off the pan. There was perogie dough shrapnel stuck everywhere.

The sausage and onions and peppers I cooked with the perogies were fine. Came off the pan no problem, but the oiled up perogies? Not a chance. So it tasted fine, but certainly was not beautiful and, to add insult to injury, the pan I used is a whopper. If I use that one, no other can fit in the oven beside it….meaning….it doesn’t fit in the dishwasherrrrrrrrrrr! I had to scrub it by hand! I swore right then and there, I would never make this again unless I used parchment paper.

Use parchment paper! Works like a charm.

This is not a recipe so much as a method. Perogies are most often boiled in water then served (if you’re being like me) and they are then popped into a frying pan to crisp up. You can deep fry them, but they should probably be thawed first so they don’t go off like tiny little dough grenades. You can straight fry them, with onions and bacon, if you would be so kind. But all these are hands on, or take multiple pots and pans, or require oil and heating and phooey.

This…this is genius.

Preheat the oven to 400F. Line your baking sheet with parchment paper. Spread out a bunch of perogies in a single layer – however many you are going to eat…by you, I mean you and/or your family.

Get out another pan, if you need to, and plop on some farmers sausage or Kielbassa, either chopped or still in a coil….line this baking sheet with parchment paper, also. The sausage won’t stick, but it does help with clean up.

You can chop up an onion or two, fairly large pieces – too small and you will have burnt onion. Some bell pepper, cut into strips would be nice. Mushrooms, perhaps, chopped in half. Whatever vegetables you enjoy and have in the house would be fine. Broccoli, cauliflower, green beans.

Pop your trays into the oven and bake about half an hour. Wander away, mop a floor, eat a bon bon, read a book, have a shower, or do absolutely nothing for half an hour, secure in the knowledge that supper is quietly cooking with no interference or help from you.

If your sausages are not cooked, cook them first. You can do this on the cookie sheet, but definitely start them long before you start the perogies and vegetables. You don’t want the perogies all done and the sausage half cooked. Yuck.

When the half hour is up, make sure everything is hot (if you are cooking your sausage from frozen, you might have to flip things around and add a couple more minutes).

Take out the pans, set out some butter, sour cream, sauerkraut….some banana peppers & cheddar (according to my daughter, this is a killer combination – I still haven’t tried this, but I do agree that it sounds amazing) and get everyone fed.

Make a side salad if you wish, and serve.

When all is said and done, you’ll have two pans, some plates and some utensils to wash. Sounds good to me. Next time, I’m trying the air fryer. 🙂

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