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Salt & Vinegar Fries

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I have fallen deeply in love with my air fryer. To an extreme degree. It heats way faster than a regular oven. It’s convection. It has a load of room in it because it has 3 shelves. It’s amazing.

Last week, I made Shake ‘n’ Bake pork chops in it (don’t judge, that crispy coating is the bomb). They had that crispy sound when you run a knife across it. They were juicy inside. Pretty much perfect.

Also, I made from frozen chicken breasts in the air fryer a little while ago and they were outstanding. Juicy and perfect and half as long as in a conventional oven.

Tonight, I am making the pork chops again….the freezer is getting a little empty and I have no urge to go grocery shopping just yet, so I shopped the pantry.

So, the protein is taken care of, but what to have with it? Potatoes.

What kind of potatoes? Not mashed, although I do love them. I thought about smashed potatoes. The daughter in law loved them, I loved them….the mancub? Not as in love as the girls in the house…I think his taste buds might be broken.

Really did like the salt & vinegar potatoes I made quite a while back. Salt & vinegar fries it is.

Given the 3 racks in the air fryer – they can all be cooked together. If your air fryer has the basket, just put in the potatoes and give them a shake around every 10 minutes or so.


  • 5 medium sized potatoes, peeled and cut. If you don’t want to peel, just give them a really good scrub.
  • Salt
  • vinegar – I used white but malt vinegar would be extra good – I think I have some, but I don’t know where

Cut the potatoes into fairly equal sized pieces. You can make them wedge shaped or french fry style, or even just sliced circles.

Give them a good soak in some cold water for about 20 minutes or so. Change the water as needed to get rid of some of the starch.

Soak those potatoes!

Pat them taters dry! Load up with salt and vinegar. I used two healthy pinches of pink salt, some olive oil (probably about 2 teaspoons) and a slosh of vinegar. If you have paprika, put some on – it gives the potatoes more colour but doesn’t alter the flavour. If you want the vinegar flavour prominent, let the potatoes sit in the bowl for 20 minutes. I just mixed mine together the vinegar flavour was more subtle.

Mix the potatoes around in the spices and vinegar and load up the air fryer. Try to keep them to a single layer. If space is limited, do more than one batch then once they are all done, toss them all back in the basket for a couple minutes to reheat quickly.

Tray 1

I cooked mine at 400F for 40 minutes total. 10 minutes, then flip, 15 minutes then flip and then 15 minutes then flip. Because of how my air fryer is built, I try to make sure that edge food gets moved to the inside and inside gets moved to the outside. The outside tends to cook a little faster than the inside.

Not as well-balanced as it could be, but all in moderation!

Once upon a time, I worked at an office that was two doors down from a bowling alley. I could not care less about bowling (sorry), but they made the best potato wedges on the planet and they were amazing with ranch dressing. So I dipped my fries in ranch dressing, completely negating the salt & vinegar flavour – no regrets, it was worth it!

So beautiful!

This would work with turnip fries or carrot fries or even zucchini fries if you’re low carb or keto. The timing may change, depending how big or small the fries are cut.

Go! Love your air fryer!

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