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Turkey Enchiladas

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My furnace died a week and a half ago. 11 days it took to get a new one in and hooked up. I truly wish I owned my house and wasn’t relying on someone else to do & fix things. When I initially called in the problem with the furnace, the exhaust fan on the top of the furnace was just screaming…metal on metal. That could not be good. So they came, they looked, gave it a smack, it shut up, off they went.

Next morning, I realized it was never kicking on. It would make the start up noise, scream, then the fan that moves the heat through the vents would do exactly nothing. They came back, mucked with it some more…final verdict – not working. No kidding.

My furnace actually had a spare motor screwed onto the outside of it….how weird is that? The spare motor went home with them and came back the next day. Motor got installed and still nada.

Called Atco gas. Came out, did some troubleshooting, suggested a part that needed to be changed. Next day, part changed. Nada. I believe there was one other part that got changed. The furnace would come on, but the flame would come up and drop down, then come back up…..I refused to let them leave it on – it was nowhere near safe.

A new furnace was to be dropped off on Monday…showed up Tuesday, after I asked. Saturday, they showed up with two actual furnace guys to install it. With 45 minutes left of work to do, they left and came back Sunday. Argh! It was a soap opera of epic proportions. I laughed (not a lot), I cried, I shivered, I fretted over space heaters and fireplaces, and I worried about the outside temperature and I slept on the damn couch so the fireplace could stay on all night.

When all was said and done, it actually was a brand new furnace (I truly thought it would be a used one) and it’s a high efficiency one. It’s tiny. Less than half the size of the old one.

Anyway, I finally felt like cooking today rather than cuddling on the couch in front of the electric fireplace (can’t wait to get my utility bill…not), so through the freezer I scrounged. I didn’t scrounge very far, if I’m honest – the packages of ground turkey were not buried.

My initial thought was turkey burgers but then it just didn’t make my mouth water or my tummy rumble. I contemplated Thai coconut turkey meatballs, but that would have entailed me leaving my house…with my working furnace….and that was not going to happen. I have been revelling in the heat since they finally got it running.

We all love enchiladas. Got lots of cheese. Still have dried peppers to make enchilada sauce. No black beans, but some cooked Northern beans in the freezer. Good to go.


  • 1 lb ground turkey
  • 2 TB chili powder (do this to your own taste)
  • 1 cup beans – black or whatever you have on hand. Chickpeas would work as well.
  • ½ cup salsa
  • 1 onion
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced or chopped fine
  • 1 cup grated cheese
  • 4 oz cream cheese (optional)
  • 1 bell pepper, diced
  • 2 cups of enchilada sauce – make your own or buy some, whatever works for you
  • wraps – I used 9 10” tortillas, cut in half – why I did this, I don’t know…impulse

Brown the turkey in a tablespoon of olive oil. Add the onions and stir fry until softened and translucent.

Add the garlic, beans, salsa, bell pepper and cream cheese. Stir it all together and let that cream cheese get melted and distributed throughout.

Cut the tortillas in half (or don’t) and add 1-2 TB – heaping – of filling per half. Wrap up and put into a casserole dish with about 1/2 cup of the enchilada sauce spread on the bottom. Once you’ve got all the wraps done, to with the rest of the enchilada sauce and top with grated cheese.

That melted cheese. I used half cheddar and half mozzarella.

Bake at 350F for about ½ an hour. Cheese will be melted and the filling will be hot.

Let it sit for a couple minutes and then serve. Add some sour cream and more salsa if you wish.

I should have added a thin layer of cheese in between the layers of enchiladas. Oh, well, next time.

This takes about an hour to prepare and cook.

If you need it to be low carb or keto, use low carb wraps or wrap in lettuce (skip the baking step). This could be good in cabbage leaves, also.

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