I’m a mom of 2 grown ups, some guppies, some tetras, a razer and a freaky sucker we call Goldy. We live in Calgary, Alberta – home of the Chinook arch and near the Rockies. I love plants, not cut flowers. I love cooking, not cleaning up. I love a clean house, not housekeeping. I love knitting, not frogging. I love hiking, but not uphill.

This will be me taking pictures, attempting projects & recipes, and giving some feedback about how the process, recipe or pattern worked. Basically, this will be the good, the bad & the “that did NOT go as planned” of my crafting and cooking life. 🙂

I cook – very well. I knit – very well. I crochet – moderately well. I use my Cricut – somewhat well. I bead – not well. I want to learn to weave, to dye yarn, to create knitting patterns, to create beading patterns, to figure out Design Space….if you know, you know.


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