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3 April, 2021

Brioche Buns

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I have made much bread & buns in my adult life, particularly since I got my Kitchen-Aid mixer a few years ago, however, I have never made brioche buns. Side note – I have only knitted one thing that was brioche….it was difficult and I must try again. Today, I made brioche buns. I believe
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28 April, 2019

Thank Goodness for a Meal Plan or The Cockapoo’s Gonna Give Us a Heart Attack

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Friday night, about 11:15, my phone rings.  My daughter.  In our houses, we are texting maniacs but phone calls from any one of us are never ignored, because if one of us is phoning, something is up – emergency, wicked sale at Bath & Body Works – something.  I answer the phone to “Mom, can
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