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8 February, 2021

Chicken Burgers

Posted in : Cooking on by : Sheila
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Have you ever had those coated chicken burgers from the grocery store….the broke student, these are really cheap, in a bag chicken burgers? Yeah, these aren’t those. I really wanted burgers for dinner tonight, but not beef. I knew there was ground turkey in the freezer, but it was just a small package and there
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31 January, 2021

Naan Bread

Posted in : Cooking on by : Sheila
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I’m not entirely certain why I made naan a few days ago….there was a reason, but it escapes me what. Doesn’t matter the reason, they’re amazing and soft and they soak up juices and wrap up tasty things and it’s not difficult to do so they should be made all the time. They are, without
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