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9 April, 2021

Cheesy Tuna Braided Buns

Posted in : Baking on by : Sheila
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It snowed off and on all day here today, so tomato soup was on the menu and my initial thought was grilled cheese, then it morphed to grilled cheese with tuna, then it became tuna cheese buns….natural progression, I feel. This will take a couple of hours, mostly hands off, but keep that in mind.
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1 April, 2021

Beef Enchiladas (Sort of)

Posted in : Cooking on by : Sheila
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We (it was a communal effort) made enchiladas the other night, however, when I made the tortillas, I made more rather than larger, and they were dangerous to roll and became more taco-like! No regrets, they were delicious and the fork is a great transportation system! This was from scratch all the way, we made
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26 March, 2021

Puffed Potatoes

Posted in : Baking on by : Sheila
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I made fish last night, which meant I could indulge a little on the sides, right? I made peas. Still doing good. Then I had these mashed potatoes left over from the night we had the stuffed pork chops. What to do, what to do? I had sort of a vision in my head of
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16 March, 2021

Cheddar Garlic Bread

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I made chili the other night and normally I make cornbread, but I ran out of cornmeal when I made the cornbread cowboy casserole recipe and was feeling no need to go to the grocery store, whatsoever….and I love me some garlic toast so I thought I’d make that. I did not have pre-made bread
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