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2 March, 2021


Posted in : Baking on by : Sheila
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I don’t remember the first time I had cornbread, but it must have made a great impression….any time I make chili, it isn’t complete unless there’s cornbread (usually two pans worth). I love cornbread baked in a hot cast iron frying pan, but in a regular cake pan or casserole is just fine, too. Crispy
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28 February, 2021

Cowboy Cornbread Casserole

Posted in : Cooking on by : Sheila
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It had potential. All the pieces are there – beef, cheese, cornbread, tomatoes. But it was, as my daughter in law said, confusing to the taste buds. Sweet, spicy, back to sweet, then off to a chili flavour – but no idea what to expect when looking at the contents of your fork. I saw
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