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12 December, 2021

Turkey Enchiladas

Turkey Enchiladas
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My furnace died a week and a half ago. 11 days it took to get a new one in and hooked up. I truly wish I owned my house and wasn’t relying on someone else to do & fix things. When I initially called in the problem with the furnace, the exhaust fan on the
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1 April, 2021

Beef Enchiladas (Sort of)

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We (it was a communal effort) made enchiladas the other night, however, when I made the tortillas, I made more rather than larger, and they were dangerous to roll and became more taco-like! No regrets, they were delicious and the fork is a great transportation system! This was from scratch all the way, we made
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9 April, 2019

Mexican Lasagna (or not really)

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Mexican lasagna was on the meal plan last week and normally, I make it with layers of tortillas, then filling, then tortillas, then filling, then tortillas, then cheese, however I was feeling fancy and I rolled them into enchiladas. I don’t have a dog any more, so occasionally, I dog sit to quell the urge
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