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9 August, 2021

Air Fryer Potato Wedges

Air Fryer Potato Wedges
Posted in : air fryer on by : Sheila
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These were a revelation. I’ve done wedges in the oven – precooked, takes forever. The air fryer needs none of that. 30 minutes and done. They were roasted and golden and crispy on the outside, fluffy inside. This is the way. I don’t know if we’ve established – I like potatoes. They are versatile. They
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12 February, 2021

Lemon Garlic Potatoes

Posted in : Cooking on by : Sheila
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I’m late to the flavoured potatoes game. I usually peel them, boil them, mash them, eat them. Bake them (by bake I mean microwave), put on toppings, eat them. Occasionally scallop them, sometimes french fry them. That’s pretty much my potato repertoire. I did try smashed potatoes a while ago and they were pretty good,
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