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29 July, 2021

Greek Chicken Salad

Greek Chicken Salad
Posted in : Light Meal, salad on by : Sheila
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I went to grab a few things at the grocery store after work. You know that saying, “don’t food shop when you’re hungry”? I think it’s because you will buy anything just so you can get done and get out. That was my deal tonight. But I only spent $21 and change, so I was
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10 February, 2021

Greek Chicken Poutine

Posted in : Cooking on by : Sheila
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Let me start this with – this is in no way authentic poutine. I like regular poutine, but I usually make poutine because of an impulse, meaning I don’t have all the ingredients. 🙂 All right, last night was impulse poutine night….the original plan was to make Philly cheesesteak and then I thought Philly cheesesteak
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