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1 April, 2021

Beef Enchiladas (Sort of)

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We (it was a communal effort) made enchiladas the other night, however, when I made the tortillas, I made more rather than larger, and they were dangerous to roll and became more taco-like! No regrets, they were delicious and the fork is a great transportation system! This was from scratch all the way, we made
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18 March, 2021

Pesto Potato Cottage Pie

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I know the difference between cottage pie & shepherd’s pie is the meat but I call cottage pie shepherd’s pie….always. I grew up calling the pie with ground beef shepherd’s pie and I still call it that. My mom is British, so if she called it that, I will, too….but I don’t want to be
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14 March, 2021


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The weather is changing here, spring is trying to spring. I don’t kid myself into believing winter is over – it’s Calgary and winter doesn’t end here until we are heartily sick of it and Momma Nature gets tired of tormenting us. There is no month here that is safe from winter weather. Despite spring(ish)
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