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11 April, 2021

Apple Cranberry Danish

Posted in : Baking on by : Sheila
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Yesterday, I discovered the wonders of making puff pastry using a food processor since I do not have the right touch for pastry. Bread is fine, it can take a little extra “enthusiasm”. Pastry? Not so much. Then I had to do something with it. I bought a Costco bag of apples 2 weeks ago….if
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24 March, 2021

Fruit Salad

Posted in : Cooking on by : Sheila
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With spring finally making an appearance here, fingers crossed it stays, I have the urge to eat fresh things….salads, fruit salad, fruit, vegetables…..sensing a theme here. With supper the other night, barbequed pork chops, I made a salad with roasted romaine lettuce (try it, it’s amazing) and a dessert of chopped fruit with a little
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12 March, 2021

Pork Cutlets

Posted in : Cooking on by : Sheila
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I was watching TikTok videos the other day and up popped one for chicken cutlets. I’ve never made them and technically, I still haven’t 🙂 I had pork chops out for dinner with no idea what to do with them….then that video popped up. She used bread crumbs & panko…neither of which did I have.
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10 March, 2021

Hot Dogs in a Blanket

Posted in : Baking on by : Sheila
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I had a massive craving for hotdogs hit me the last time I went to Costco, so while I was there, I bought a package…..Costco pack…many, many, many hotdogs! Friday we went to the mountains (we haven’t been since October) and no worries, we social distanced the heck out of our trip. Walking my daughter’s
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