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15 April, 2021

Strawberry Cream Mousse

Strawberry Cream Mousse
Posted in : dessert on by : Sheila
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Two weeks ago, I bought a 2 pound container of strawberries while I was at Costco. Say what you will about Costco (I love the place) but their produce is excellent. Yesterday, I decided I should probably use what was left of those berries and all were still good except one. There are many stores
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3 February, 2021

Fudge Brownies

Posted in : Baking on by : Sheila
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I had a major craving for chocolate the other night. Not a “grab some chocolate chips” or “have a square of dark chocolate” craving – a craving craving. You know how it goes. I didn’t want to bake, but ended up doing so. While searching the interwebs, I found a vegan recipe on Karissasvegankitchen.com for
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